ISI-Canada is an Edutainment Project that engages participating teenagers and young adults to create their own patterns of social development.

The result of this activity project is to give a new prominence to a modern young person to challenge him or her to become  highly initiative and to aspire to high educational and professional levels. This young person is able to build and put into life his or her own pattern of integration into the challenging modern society.

This project was developed by Canadian university students and is supported by professors and specialists. What puts this project apart from similar activities is that it puts teens and adults, and, students and counsellors equal. They are all partners and teammates enjoying the same terms of the game and sharing the same level of responsibility. Any participant may develop his or her own project within the framework of ISI Canada, suggest a self-governing pattern, run for a Mayor of our Dream Village settlement of the future or try a career of a minister, sheriff or even run his or her own business.

This is our universe and this is our know-how. It allows teens to start living meaningful and enjoyable lives right in the present of today. This is a great opportunity for a young person to explore and discover his or her own new capacities, talents, and  faculties, to challenge yourself in the competitive but yet very friendly and supportive environment, and to get ready for the future.