The beginnings of an experimental project for ISI Canada carried forward by university students. The goal of the project is to allow students to become leaders of their own futures, to evolve their own interests, and to invite other students to join them. The goal of this program is to encourage students to gain experience in voicing their own opinions and ideas, forming leadership roles, and working as a team, all while relishing in summer activities.

ISI Canada is a student-run group with students from University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and Brock University. We are now inviting motivated, inspiring, and talented high-school students to partake in this year’s program to learn how to build and manage their own projects, so in the following years they can be experienced managers and leaders of Viking Adventure Camp. These prospective students will be encouraged to create their own projects within ISI Canada, start their own business, and build the foundation for a solid career.


First Projects of Viking Adventure Camp:

  • Adventure Village: Living areas that will be amongst nature and built in directions set by the students themselves.
  • Mini Farm and Zoo Park: Constant interactions with animals will help the students feel more in-tune with nature, while the mini-farm will provide natural, fresh, and healthy produce on a daily basis.
  • Reconstruction of Historical Machinery: Mechanical projects to reconstruct the machinery illustrated by great minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes that were essential in the past. This will teach the students science and mathematics through practical learning of reconstruction, as well as developing their team working and construction skills.
  • Historical Reconstruction and Theatre: Students have the opportunity to participate in theatrical shows and reconstructions of the daily life and events from various periods throughout history. This gives the students an opportunity to not only learn the importance of history itself, but also to think critically and learn from the successes and mistakes of those that came before.


  • Viking Adventure Camp A summer experience that encourages students to build, create, and experience their own ideas, while also inviting others to do the same.
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